Welcome to Mensiopress, an e-commerce web application, available as a plug-in for WordPress. It covers the needs of most e-commerce business, while attempting a deeper and more effective approach than any similar single plugin available. Standard features include:

Main Product Catalog Page

Extensive Product Catalog Maintenance
Having the ability to effectively manage your Product Catalog is essential in an e-commerce system. Mensiopress provides features usually associated with enterprise-class software. Such as “Brands” definitions, freely assignable “Categories”, global and category-specific product attributes, availability settings, stock sensitive availability indicators and more.

Brand Information Editing

Multi-Language Support
Almost every piece of information in Mensiopress is translatable to any number of user-defined languages, thus eliminating the need for any other solution. This out-of-the-box functionality allows building multi-lingual e-shops using a concise and logical manner.

Frontend & Backend Widgets
Frontend & Backend Widgets

Block-Based Page Builder
Mensiopress introduces a specialized type of “page”, properly named “Mensiopress Page”. Such pages include the potential for containing blocks of information directly related to the e-commerce functionality present in the software. As expected, one can create any number of such pages and use a specially crafted Page Builder for placing blocks, assigning important settings to each block separately. Commonly used blocks include “Brands”, “Products”, “Search”, “Shopping Cart”… etc.

Selectively Assigned Administration Permissions
If you ever wanted to be able to assign clear roles to different users, as far as backend e-shop administration is concerned, Mensiopress indeed does allow that. There are six different roles, each corresponding to a major set of administration options, freely assignable to any standard WordPress administrator, as you see fit.

Custom Availability Status Editor
Custom Availability Status Editor

Custom Shipping Methods
We have included a “shipping methods designer system”, if you please, in order to begin properly covering the extremely different shipping needs of any e-commerce business. Weight-based or price-based principles can serve as a starting point, for further defining costs on a per-destination-country level.

Frontend Product Filtering UI
Frontend Product Filtering UI

Unique User-Interface
While paying respect to the standard backend user-interface provided by WordPress, this plug-in adds separate vertical and horizontal navigation bars in order to accommodate the multitude of administration choices that are available. At any given moment, the user is perfectly aware of options to explore. Still, standard table views are there, bulk options are there, common operations are there. A special thin red line appears whenever there are unsaved changes on the screen.

Product Categories Hierarchy Editor
Product Categories Hierarchy Editor

Valuable Tools & Ideas
An integrated system for defining mail server settings, the ability to name orders using a custom naming scheme, a sophisticated approach to editing and publishing “Terms Of Service” for your store, modular support for future addition of various payment gateways, a different address book for every customer, the ability to edit order content, define various order statuses, internal support for invoice issuing and printing, integrated support for “Google Analytics” (including Conversion Code)… there is no area of standard e-commerce needs that has not been addressed.

Mensiopress can be installed by visiting the “Plugins” area of your WordPress installation, clicking on “Add New” and searching for it by name. After installation, there is a short setup process that will be triggered automatically on selecting the proper icon, available on WP’s sidebar. Prior to installing, please make sure that system requirements are met.

Feel free to explore and use in personal and commercial projects. Unofficial support for the plug-in is provided via this very website (click on “Forums” for more information).